Back to the future…

Roads? Where we’re going….


We’re always told that time heals all wounds, but thing of importance that’s never mentioned is that, time also takes….time. Some wounds take more time than others to heal, and some simply may never heal, because in the pain of our hearts, we just keep aggravating it, and picking at it. Healing may mean facing the reality that that relationship you thought would never end, is truly over. It may mean that the friend you never thought you would lose, just isn’t the friend you need. It could even mean that the traumas of your childhood could go unresolved, and for some people, all they are… is their pain.

So WordPress told me that it was my blogging 1 year anniversary, and that got me to thinking about the things that have changed in that time. When I started this blog, it was purely to tell, and show, you that there was more to lyfe than what you were letting yourself believe. I wanted you to know that no matter the situation, you CAN stand tall and overcome. Why? easy, because you didn’t die. Hell, I did, TWICE, and I’m still here to tell you you’ve got this lol. You may have moments where you’re at your lowest, but that’s just setting your trajectory for your rise. Even Atlas took a knee to lyft up the world, and YOU are even stronger. It’s ok if you feel as though, you’ve been knocked down. Roll over on your back. If you can look up, you can get up, but up is the only place left to go, Right?


Understand this, there IS greatness in you. You’ve got to act like it. So many people I speak to want change, but few of them want TO change. Is that you? Finances kicking your butt. You hate your boss. Your significant other just isn’t understanding you. You want to go back to school, but you don’t have time. Etc, etc, etc. Guess what, you don’t have time to continue with those things that are dragging you down. Your lyfe is moving past you faster than you realize, and before you know it….time’s up. Don’t be the person that says: What if it doesn’t work? Declare today that you’ll be the person that says: What if it does? If you do NOTHING, it won’t work…because YOU didn’t work. You’re got to realize that the graveyard is alive with ideas that people never took chances on *crickets* you’ll get that later lol.

Your future is up to YOU, and will be a product of your decisions. Not your momma’s decisions. Not your daddy’s decisions. Not the politician’s decisions. YOUR decisions. Decided TODAY that your tomorrow is more important than your fear of now. Decided today that you don’t want your children, and their children, to repeat the hardships of your today’s because you didn’t take care of your tomorrow…..and MOVE YOUR AZZ DAMNIT!!

You’re going to have to “Believe in something. even if it means you have to sacrifice everything”. Just do it….then you’ll look back in a few years and say: Great Scott, I can’t believe I did that!! … For those that will say: I’ve tried to chase my dream, but it didn’t work out… I’ve got one question for you….But did you die???? if at 1st you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again….


You’ve put your lyfe on hold for everything else, AND everyone else, and now it’s time to get BACK TO YOUR FUTURE. Stop saying you don’t know where to start, and just start. Stop saying I don’t know which road I should travel. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads……. you’re tomorrow is paved by imagination, and what you do today. Write that book or blog. Start that podcast. Film those makeup tutorials. Your future is now, so make the rest of your lyfe, the best of your lyfe….. See you guys soon…


One thought on “Back to the future…”

  1. Loveeeee! So happy you wrote a post! Reading this first thing in the morning was the best thing ever! Thank you for the motivation!


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