Sight beyond sight…

Sword of omens

Oh man have I missed you guys. Who’s going to be the 1st to welcome me back? As always, when I show up I’ve got to bring you gifts for the mind, after-all, I started writing these post to help you grow. The Lyfe Alert blog has to be like chicken soup for the soul, but alphabet soup for your brain lol.

Now I know Its been longer than usual with my absence this time, but let me tell you what I’ve been up to. In April I released my very own sneaker. Italian leather, hand-crafted in Le Marche’ Italy, the birthplace of modern shoe making, and i’m having a ton of fun in this new lane. The other thing I’ve been up to is my continuing education. I know I mentioned a few post back that I was studying for my MBA, but did I tell you that it had a focus in Social Media marketing? Now the way I open myself up to you here at The Lyfe alert, you KNOW that I was excited to finally get into a class that actually spoke about my focus of study right? Let’s just say that this semester is only a week in, and my mind is already blown..

mind Blown

I was so excited that I had to come talk to you guys about something I read in class. have you guys ever heard of Warby Parker? I know I hadn’t, but imagine this. you’re blind as a bat, tired of the way prescription glasses are handled due to limited options for purchase because how the system is setup, and so you (and some friends) decide that you’ll just launch your own company. See!! I told you, mind blown lol. Oh, but it gets better. not only do they decide to change the whole model of how prescription glasses are sold, they also setup a partnership that allowed 1 pair of glasses to be GIVEN to a person in need of glasses whenever a pair of their (Warby Parker) glasses were sold. They gave away 500,000 pair!!!!!! Wait, so social conscious too?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Now I know I may sound like a legit billboard for them right now, but bear with me. I’m just excited because in the world as it exist today, i didn’t know that companies still did that without media backlash, and when i found out i had to tell somebody right?


So here’s why i’m the most impressed though. There’s an expression that I learned when I was younger that says: ” A man without fear is a fool, but a man that learns to conquer his fear is a warrior” (Tweet this quote). These guys were warriors. Why? because they used social media to show people that there was a better way to get their needs met. They encouraged people to interact with their company via social media. Bought a new pair of frames? Tag us in the pic. Not sure if you could buy lenses without trying them on? No problem, here’s a few. Try them on. Keep what you want, send back what you don’t want, on us. It was genius. Can you imagine if they would’ve stuck to the same tired models of before? What would’ve been the point of entering the space right. how many people could they convince to try their company? Nope, they took the power of the internet and reached out to the world. They made their customers feel a part of the process in a way that was more personal. Think about the last time you bought something you loved, and put it on social media. How many likes did you get? how many shares? now imagine being a company trying to reach the world, and having people sing those praises to their friends, family, co-workers. Yeah, you get it. These guys took the power of social media marketing to new levels, and i get to learn all about it. You see why I was so excited?


This semester is already shaping up to be my favorite semester (so far), and I’m stoked about what I’m going to learn, and things that I’ll be able to apply for my own personal growth. I hope you guys stick with me through this journey because man… As always, keep pushing forward. Keep chasing your dreams, and no matter how bad a day you have, ask yourself: but did you die?… Don’t forget, I did, and I’m here to remind you to keep going. until next time #TheJetLyfe

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