I’m baaaaaack!! ladies and gentleman, its time to get your lyfe. You see what i did there lol? The last time I visited, I gave you a look at my newest release in the shoe arena, and told you about something cool that I read about in class. Speaking of the shoe arena, you guys have to remind me to show you the certification I earned that declares me a legit shoe designer and seller. I’m super excited about that. That one I’m extra proud of because I was told that I wouldn’t have success in the shoe industry, and not only did I, but I did better than the person who told me to stay in my lane. Any lane I get in is mine, because I’m in control of the vehicle that is my lyfe (Tweet this quote). You liked that didn’t you? It’s ok, you can quote me lol.

Now oddly enough, that got me to thinking about companies like Google. Google, we all know is the search engine of search engines, and that is their lane, but did you know that in 2015 Google created its own parent company and named it Alphabet? Now stay with me because right now I know you’re like Antonio what in the world are you talking about lol? Google decided that they were going to own every lane that they drove in. Think about this. What is Google Maps? You 1st answer might be a gps, but look deeper. Google Maps is a search engine for the real world. You plug in an address that you don’t know how to get to, and Google searches it, then gives you an answer.

Now that doesn’t mean I want to be in the search engine business, but Google isn’t just in the search engine business, and Alphabet opened more doors for Google to own the road. I read in class about a social networking site that Google created called Orkut. I’d never heard of it, but that tells me it was around before Google+. Orkut is another exampled of Google attempting to own every lane. This social network was huge for Google, and Brazil was the gold mine that was being harvested.


We all know how Facebook, Myspace, and even Google+ for that matter works, so what made Orkut so special was that it took the group concept to another level. These groups were called “communities”, and after just the 1st four months, Orkut had 50K of them. Yes, you read that right, four months. Want to guess what that number looked like after a year? 1 Mil, 5. One Million, five hundred thousand!! Google said we have a place for you to belong, and its here in Orkut. The search engine company. The company that can read your mind. you know, you think of needing new mats for your car, and Google shows you ads for new floor mats 20 mins later. That company. That company has been stepping out of its lane for quite sometime, but owning the one they’ve switched too. I wonder if they used blinkers.

Now with Brazil being super in favor of technology, social media, and online marketing, imagine what that must’ve done for Google, who makes money on advertising as well. With outdoor advertising being banned in Brazil, what is lyfe like for the online marketer. Do you see now why Google came to mind for me? as a travel agent, and now “Certified sneaker designer and seller”….man that sounds good lol, I’m an online marketer, and that means there are things that I can, and should learn from Google.


I’m hoping to see the day where most Americans take a favorable approach to online marketing the way that Brazil has. at one point, 77% of Brazil’s social media users were in favor of online shopping. I’m telling you now, If you love something, find a way to get online and market it lol. There’s going to be a need somewhere for it, and in the age of the internet, the world is at your fingertips. Amazon is another one to pay attention to. We live in a world that desires convenience, and online is providing that.

Its created a culture of reaching the world for anything, without having to explore the world to get it. Although Orkut closed because demand for its services outpaced its growth, it showed that businesses, if they pay close enough attention, can grow with and ahead of their consumers needs, and own it all. When you see all the things under the “Alphabet” banner, they have become the “Prego” of the online world. If you need it, its in there.

No matter your dream or desire, never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something when your desire is to try. Its not their lane, its yours, and it doesn’t matter if you become an instant success or one that takes 10 yrs to get there. If you didn’t die, you can always keep going. get out and live lyfe. See you soon.


One thought on “Alphabet…Soup”

  1. Reblogged this on Vixen Creative Marketing, LLC and commented:

    Interesting post and excellent use of visuals. It was entertaining to read your blog. I fear I come from too much of the reacher background and not able to write the way you do. Very talented!

    I like how you incorporated a way to Tweet a quote within your blog. That is something I definitely need to learn how to do as well as starting a conversation with the reader.

    Google and Orkut, a match that seemed perfect for about a decade, mainly in Brazil and India! Overall, Google decommissioned Orkut which begun roughly a month before Facebook was founded (Anath, 2014). Orkut gave an area of the world a way to communicate socially that was not possible prior too.

    You are right too, mention it was a way for the area to receive marketing. Furthermore, mention technology is also key to the area.

    What I have stumbled upon today, after my own blog post on the same topic is the following: “… As people vouch to delete Facebook in the wake of a massive data breach scandal, Orkut Buyukkokten — a former Google employee who founded the trendsetter social networking website more than a decade ago — on Wednesday launched a new social network “Hello” in India (IANS, 2018).” Any thoughts on this new development?



    Ananth, V. (2014). The Rise, Fall and Subsequent Death of Orkut. Livemint.

    ISANS. (2018). Orkut founder launches ‘Hello’ social network app in India.


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