Knock Knock!! Did you miss me?!? I know its been a while, but I’m back to pay a visit. The last time you guys saw me, I was here because my professors told me I had to come, well guess what.. Yea, same thing this time too lol. I’m sorry its been so long, but my head’s been in the books. Just so you know, it’s paying off. I got invited to the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS), I have a 3.6 gpa, AND…. I’ve been having a good run in the shoe industry. See, its not like I’ve just been neglecting you.


So lets talk. How many of you guys have heard of the Robinhood App or Stockpile? They’re two very cool apps that revolve around the investment space. Think stocks, etc. Stockpile has always been my go to because they allow you buy stocks in fractions (pieces). Kind of like layaway for stocks. That way I could invest in a company on my budget, and still be considered an “owner”. Klutch right? Well Robinhood recently decided that they want to get in the fractional shares game, but whats interesting isn’t that they’re competitors in a space, its how they use social media to compete.


Robinhood uses twitter in away that invites users to come in an actively participate, much like Cashapp. They give you a share of free stock just for joining (via someone’s link) and they focus on things like the card (debit) for their new cash management system as away to differentiate themselves from the competition, but also use memes and slang terms to speak to the younger generations.

Stockpile on the other hand runs a very no nonsense social media account. They do not engage in the ways that Robinhood does. No memes. No witty slang or one liners, and no high fives either lol. Their page is essentially information central. When you visit their twitter feed, you understand that they are there to help educate their users/customers of the service, and they take your stock education seriously. That’s not to day that Robinhood doesn’t take your education seriously, they just take different approaches to talking to their users. However, if you know nothing about stocks and really want to learn, Stockpile and the Stockpile blog are great resources to get you up to speed (personal recommendation). Neither of the apps are offering financial advice, but they are offering education. So here’s my question for you guys. If you’re looking to learn something new, what’s most attractive to you about the company? The no nonsense approach, or the fun & games to draw you in? I suggest you check them both out, and as a way to help you, I’ve given you free stock from stockpile right here in this post. You’re welcome. I’ll see you guys soon, and as always: Live Lyfe. Love Lyfe. Experience Lyfe #TheJetLyfe


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