Future Implications

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” ~ Bill Gates

Ok Lyfers, think about that for a second. That statement is saying that the livelihood of any business, not just relies on the customers themselves, but how they acquire those customers in the 1st place. With the growth of the information super highway, every day that quote is more and more of a reality. Imagine for a second if Blockbuster would have understood that when it passed on purchasing Netflix, or when Toys R Us signed a 10 year deal with Amazon instead of building its own online platform. Makes you think: If only we could see the future, right? If we pay close enough attention, maybe we can.

See the future

The past has shown us that the advance in technology has, and will continue to have, major implications on the future, and just like Blockbuster and Toys R Us, brands are going to have to adapt. The Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic has shown a great example of how brands will need to adapt, and adapt quickly. With social media now having a major impact on how the world is able to view and interact with these brands, it will become adapt or die. Social media has opened the door to internal practices of companies, and how their employees are treated. During the pandemic, social media was the 1st to report how some companies were not taking proper health precautions to ensure their employees safety. As people became infected at their jobs, people ventured to social media to tell the world because their companies were keeping quiet for various reasons.

Now going to social media isn’t all bad for these companies, as there are stories of landlords waiving rent as millions of people have been laid off due to the pandemic, stories of people sewing face mask to help protect friends & family, as well workers who have been deemed essential, but do not have access to personal protective equipment due to shortages. Social media has showcased many, many people coming together.

Hopefully this pandemic gives us a look at the future of humanity, but as I stated before, it also shines a light on outdated practices. In the era of Netflix, Amazon Prime video, and other streaming services, its rare that I go to the movie theaters any more. The cost of tickets are just too high, in my opinion, and lets not get me started on concessions. You’ll spend $3K on a date for two (2), and that’s sharing a popcorn bucket and a soda!! I joke of course, but if you’ve been lately, you understand my exaggeration, and its through social media that I learned that after NBCUniversal released the movie Trolls World Tour through streaming services, and garnered close to $100 million, that AMC theaters through a tantrum over NBCUniversal saying that they would be looking into straight to video releases, and stated that they wouldn’t carry Universal pictures anymore.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Sorry mom, I hope I got your saying correct. Don’t kill me lol!! Social media is instant, and travels farther and faster than any communications before it. Brands like Warby Parker (you’ve heard me mention them before) used social media to be…wait for it….SOCIAL!! They interacted with their customer base. They allowed them to feel a part of the brand. They invited them to become family. Warby Parker embraced social media, and other technologies to move the company forward, and most likely, staying one step ahead of their competition. Look:

I think the biggest impact that social media will have on the future of business is that they’re going to have to be more transparent, because if not, less than 30 secs after a screw up of any kind, the world will know and that company may be reeling from it. I hope they also have a good crisis management team, because employee #1 broadcasting live from inside company A as all hell breaks loose, whatever that looks like, will not be an easy fire to extinguish. What do you think lyfers? What impact do you think social media will have on the future of businesses? Drop those comments for me…and Yes, I know I haven’t told you about the heart almost breaking yet, but I’ve got you. You trust me don’t you? See you next time, and as always, make the rest of your lyfe the best of your lyfe.

Viral Marketing Initiatives

What up “Lyfers”, did you miss me? I know I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while. My apologies there. I had a bit of a sudden medical issue which resulted in me having open heart surgery one day, and then lyfe saving surgery the next…You know, because I almost died from the 1st one. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say it so lightly, but truth is truth.

As you see in the title, I have to talk to you guys about Viral Marketing Initiatives. My professor says its a must if I want a grade. She’s the boss, and so no catchy titles to play on, we’re just going to go along for this ride. So here’s a question for you. Have you ever thought about how an ad or post suddenly went viral? I know have, especially if the ad didn’t particularly speak to me. I know everyone isn’t going to like all things, but curiosity gets me some time.

Thinking MemojiSo you guys have to help me out. I’m going to tell you a few of the reasons I think things go viral, but also, drop your opinions in the comments and tell me what you think makes a post, or video go viral.  One reason, for me, is the message. There’s a reason that every commercial doesn’t go viral. The message isn’t a message for “everybody”, and so it doesn’t relate to the majority of people. Its why a McDonald’s commercial for hamburgers isn’t going to speak to a vegetarian, but messages that speak to the heart often can. I think a great example of this is Nike. Do you guys remember the “Dream Crazier” commercial from last year? Nike released commercial as a celebration of International Women’s Day, and it spoke to the power of women. It tapped into emotions, and pointed out the differences of how women are treated. 50 million plus views across all official Nike platforms is enough to say that emotion plays a part in going viral.

Viral Post

Another thing that I think plays a part is relatability. This, in my opinion, goes hand in hand with emotion. I actually think it speaks directly to emotion to be honest. The picture above is a tweet that I screenshotted, and shared to my personal Facebook page because my 1st thought was that I could relate to that. I understood it. I shared it because I thought others may have been able to relate as well, and it may help someone recognize a trait about themselves that needed healing. As you can see, 2.8K people gave some kind of reaction, but 67K people shared it. If you have a FB account, you know that FB only allows 5K friends maximum, but this post still randomly gets shares out of nowhere because people can relate, and that relation speaks to their emotions.

I also think humor and honesty can lead a company’s campaign to go viral. Yes, I gave you two there lol. Anyone remember when KFC had to close stores because it ran out of chicken? Hilarious to me, but no so funny to the company who had to close hundreds of stores across the U.K., and take a sudden, major, loss in revenue. KFC’s public relations department chose to be honest, but mix in some humor in the process. How you ask? Look at this:


KFC understood that a chicken place without chicken is a huge disaster, and so they took out a full page apology in the U.K. newspaper, and used a play on their letters to say hey, we messed up. The ad was celebrated as “a masterclass in PR crisis management” by Andrew Bloch, who is a PR “guru” on his twitter account. His tweet had 13K likes, and 7K direct shares.

Now of course I couldn’t end a post about things going viral without adding something so simple as excitement. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity endorsement, but a person genuinely excited will get that word of mouth movement started. A great example is this, Anyone remember James Wright? Of course not. The name most likely will not ring any bells, but if you remember all the hype behind the release of Patti Lebelle’s Pie, or Patti’s Pies as its still affectionately called, you can thank Mr. Wright.

His YouTube review took Patti’s Pie to a level that not even Mrs. LeBelle’s marketing team could have anticipated, and made James Wright a viral sensation. The video has 84K views on his official channel, but an article on NPR says it gained a total of 8.5 million views, and he became just as popular as the pie. People from everywhere gravitated to his excitement, which connected to their emotions, and they became excited to try it as well. In fact, NPR says that before Mr. Wright’s review, Patti and Wal-Mart, who she partnered with to sell the pies, had average sales at best. That’s the power of excitement.

Patti pie

So thanks guys for sticking it out with me for this assignment. I Love you guys to Lyfe, but please, tell me what YOU think makes something go viral in your opinion. I’d love to read it, and I’m sure my professor would love to see it to. Until next time, make the rest of your lyfe the best of your lyfe.



Knock Knock!! Did you miss me?!? I know its been a while, but I’m back to pay a visit. The last time you guys saw me, I was here because my professors told me I had to come, well guess what.. Yea, same thing this time too lol. I’m sorry its been so long, but my head’s been in the books. Just so you know, it’s paying off. I got invited to the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS), I have a 3.6 gpa, AND…. I’ve been having a good run in the shoe industry. See, its not like I’ve just been neglecting you.


So lets talk. How many of you guys have heard of the Robinhood App or Stockpile? They’re two very cool apps that revolve around the investment space. Think stocks, etc. Stockpile has always been my go to because they allow you buy stocks in fractions (pieces). Kind of like layaway for stocks. That way I could invest in a company on my budget, and still be considered an “owner”. Klutch right? Well Robinhood recently decided that they want to get in the fractional shares game, but whats interesting isn’t that they’re competitors in a space, its how they use social media to compete.


Robinhood uses twitter in away that invites users to come in an actively participate, much like Cashapp. They give you a share of free stock just for joining (via someone’s link) and they focus on things like the card (debit) for their new cash management system as away to differentiate themselves from the competition, but also use memes and slang terms to speak to the younger generations.

Stockpile on the other hand runs a very no nonsense social media account. They do not engage in the ways that Robinhood does. No memes. No witty slang or one liners, and no high fives either lol. Their page is essentially information central. When you visit their twitter feed, you understand that they are there to help educate their users/customers of the service, and they take your stock education seriously. That’s not to day that Robinhood doesn’t take your education seriously, they just take different approaches to talking to their users. However, if you know nothing about stocks and really want to learn, Stockpile and the Stockpile blog are great resources to get you up to speed (personal recommendation). Neither of the apps are offering financial advice, but they are offering education. So here’s my question for you guys. If you’re looking to learn something new, what’s most attractive to you about the company? The no nonsense approach, or the fun & games to draw you in? I suggest you check them both out, and as a way to help you, I’ve given you free stock from stockpile right here in this post. You’re welcome. I’ll see you guys soon, and as always: Live Lyfe. Love Lyfe. Experience Lyfe #TheJetLyfe




I’m baaaaaack!! ladies and gentleman, its time to get your lyfe. You see what i did there lol? The last time I visited, I gave you a look at my newest release in the shoe arena, and told you about something cool that I read about in class. Speaking of the shoe arena, you guys have to remind me to show you the certification I earned that declares me a legit shoe designer and seller. I’m super excited about that. That one I’m extra proud of because I was told that I wouldn’t have success in the shoe industry, and not only did I, but I did better than the person who told me to stay in my lane. Any lane I get in is mine, because I’m in control of the vehicle that is my lyfe (Tweet this quote). You liked that didn’t you? It’s ok, you can quote me lol.

Now oddly enough, that got me to thinking about companies like Google. Google, we all know is the search engine of search engines, and that is their lane, but did you know that in 2015 Google created its own parent company and named it Alphabet? Now stay with me because right now I know you’re like Antonio what in the world are you talking about lol? Google decided that they were going to own every lane that they drove in. Think about this. What is Google Maps? You 1st answer might be a gps, but look deeper. Google Maps is a search engine for the real world. You plug in an address that you don’t know how to get to, and Google searches it, then gives you an answer.

Now that doesn’t mean I want to be in the search engine business, but Google isn’t just in the search engine business, and Alphabet opened more doors for Google to own the road. I read in class about a social networking site that Google created called Orkut. I’d never heard of it, but that tells me it was around before Google+. Orkut is another exampled of Google attempting to own every lane. This social network was huge for Google, and Brazil was the gold mine that was being harvested.


We all know how Facebook, Myspace, and even Google+ for that matter works, so what made Orkut so special was that it took the group concept to another level. These groups were called “communities”, and after just the 1st four months, Orkut had 50K of them. Yes, you read that right, four months. Want to guess what that number looked like after a year? 1 Mil, 5. One Million, five hundred thousand!! Google said we have a place for you to belong, and its here in Orkut. The search engine company. The company that can read your mind. you know, you think of needing new mats for your car, and Google shows you ads for new floor mats 20 mins later. That company. That company has been stepping out of its lane for quite sometime, but owning the one they’ve switched too. I wonder if they used blinkers.

Now with Brazil being super in favor of technology, social media, and online marketing, imagine what that must’ve done for Google, who makes money on advertising as well. With outdoor advertising being banned in Brazil, what is lyfe like for the online marketer. Do you see now why Google came to mind for me? as a travel agent, and now “Certified sneaker designer and seller”….man that sounds good lol, I’m an online marketer, and that means there are things that I can, and should learn from Google.


I’m hoping to see the day where most Americans take a favorable approach to online marketing the way that Brazil has. at one point, 77% of Brazil’s social media users were in favor of online shopping. I’m telling you now, If you love something, find a way to get online and market it lol. There’s going to be a need somewhere for it, and in the age of the internet, the world is at your fingertips. Amazon is another one to pay attention to. We live in a world that desires convenience, and online is providing that.

Its created a culture of reaching the world for anything, without having to explore the world to get it. Although Orkut closed because demand for its services outpaced its growth, it showed that businesses, if they pay close enough attention, can grow with and ahead of their consumers needs, and own it all. When you see all the things under the “Alphabet” banner, they have become the “Prego” of the online world. If you need it, its in there.

No matter your dream or desire, never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something when your desire is to try. Its not their lane, its yours, and it doesn’t matter if you become an instant success or one that takes 10 yrs to get there. If you didn’t die, you can always keep going. get out and live lyfe. See you soon.



Well hello my fellow lyfers!! Did you miss me? Well of course you did lol. So I know you guys have been seeming me a lot lately, but my professor said I had to be here, and you love it anyway lol. Now before I get all excited and tell you about the cool thing I learned this week, I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend. Even if you’re not the type to celebrate the 4th of July, I still hope you enjoyed your weekend. Also, I released my 2nd sneaker this week. July 1st to be exact, and I know you’ll love it. I didn’t show you the 1st one, but I think you’ll enjoy this. take a look:

JL Star 2 with Box

You see that? even the box is gorgeous lol. Ok ok, enough about my awesome shoes lol. I’ve got to tell you about about this company I read about for class called Weixin. It’s pronounce Way Shin. Now picture this: Someone gets the idea to combine Facebook, Instagram,  Uber, Paypal, Amazon, Shopify, Whatsapp, CNN,and MORE, put it one app, and tell you whatever you need is right there at your finger tips. Seriously, how cool and convenient would lyfe be? No more switching apps for various things when we could do it all in one place. There guys did that. The concept was so klutch that in a 3 year span, the app had over 300 million active users. Read that again, 300 million!!! The next time you have to close Fb and go to IG, think about that. they’re owned by the same company, and they haven’t given us away to do it all in one yet lol. Someone tell Mark Zuckerberg that he’s slipping lol


This whole concept to me is pretty amazing because in the digital era our phones have almost become literal extensions of our hands/arms, and most people would prefer to leave their keys in the car than their phone, so imagine what it would be like to have one app that could deal with your every digital need. How much space could you save on your phone from other apps? Talking to a friend via the text feat, and decide you want to order pizza? do it through the app, and not lose a beat in your convo. Imagine sending money similar to Apple or Google Pay and not having to worry what kind of phone that someone has. Man why don’t we have this already?!?!?!

Lol these guys saw a clear need for this in the era of convenience and seized it. This would be like the casino of smartphone apps lol. Have you ever been to a casino? Bet you never noticed that there are no windows or clocks beyond the front door? Check that the next time you visit one. You’re welcome. The goal is to keep you in the casino as long as they can, and these features would keep you in the app as long as they can lol. See they comparison clearer now?


I don’t know about you guys, but I need something like this. I may not be an software developer or engineer, but I’m sure that I’m far from the only one who would be excited about this. The way this moved through Chinese culture has proven to have made lyfe so much easier for them. It took their daily routines, interest, anticipated their needs, and said hey Wei(t)-a-minute, I’m the thing you didn’t know that you needed, butt here I am. you’re welcome lol.

What do you guys think? Would you want an app like this? Tell me what you think, as you can see I’m too excited about the possibilities. Now if you’re the person that says Antonio, I don’t have time to get excited about an app. Lyfe is way too hard. Remember, it may be hard, but did you die? I did. So because you didn’t, focus on making the rest of your lyfe, the best of your lyfe. Until next time.

What do you meme (mean)?!?


Ladies and gentlemen, its the return of your favorite return to lyfer. Did you miss me? I know some of you are going to go insane just at me being back so soon, but its ok. I love y’all, but my professor said I had to be here lol. You guys want me to get good grades don’t you? Besides, I got such great responses to our last talk, that how could I not come see you again? You know this is love right lol?

big hug

To those that follow me on the regular, you know that one of my closest friends / sister, Danielle, is a breast cancer survivor. The whole experience solidified for me what I’ve always stated, and that’s that she’s one of the strongest women that I know. I was even lucky enough to be featured in a magazine that she was given the opportunity to share her story. Brother /Sister duo. I’m honored just to be able to say I know her, let alone being able to grace the same magazine that she was in.

The reason that I bring this up is because in my class we took the time to review the concept of how every October there are variations of a Breast Cancer meme that goes viral, but its aimed at the inclusion of women (as it should), but it also excludes men. To raise awareness about breast cancer meme is designed to keep men guessing about what women are talking about. to leave them clueless.

Did you know that over 2K men were diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States in 2012, and that of them over 400 died?!?!? Yea neither did I…


Now, I’m in no way trying to make this about men, but I mention men because AWARENESS campaigns should be designed to make everyone AWARE. Men have mothers, sisters, aunts, significant others, etc etc, but also, men can get breast cancer as well. We can not keep telling people to go to the doctor’s to get checked out if the importance of it isn’t stressed enough. My sister ignored her signs. She will tell you this. What do you think others will do?

Interestingly enough, the thing that seems to make this meme go viral every year is because it plays on the stereotype that men are clueless any way, so lets just build on that. Its a game of keep away.

Some of you may have seen some of these memes. They only appear in your inbox, and it says things like: Put a number followed by the word “inches”, and how long it takes to do your hair as a status… this sexualizes the purpose of the meme, and it also says: Do NOT tell any males what the status means, keep them guessing…etc etc.


This got me to thinking. Don’t you want the men in your lyfe to be educated on things that could save your lyfe and theirs? How would you feel if a male in your lyfe was diagnosed with breast cancer, but could have taken better steps to avoid some of the harsh treatments, or even death if he had just been encouraged to be more aware. What about if he didn’t notice something about you that could’ve saved you the heartache, or saved YOUR lyfe?


Now I hope that I’ve got at least one of you thinking. I hope at least one of you takes a different approach to how you MIGHT have dealt with the conversations, because for me, the most interesting thing that I read about this campaign was that it never lead to a call to action. It never said “go here” to get more info. “Click here” to donate to *insert foundation”. Without a call to action, isn’t it all just fun and games?

Now I’m not sure what your day has been like, but you’re alive and well to read this, and that means its been a great day. Every day above ground is a great day (Let the Choir say amen), and as always….No matter how tough it gets, ask your self:  But did you die….

until next time my friends #TheJetLyfe

Sight beyond sight…

Sword of omens

Oh man have I missed you guys. Who’s going to be the 1st to welcome me back? As always, when I show up I’ve got to bring you gifts for the mind, after-all, I started writing these post to help you grow. The Lyfe Alert blog has to be like chicken soup for the soul, but alphabet soup for your brain lol.

Now I know Its been longer than usual with my absence this time, but let me tell you what I’ve been up to. In April I released my very own sneaker. Italian leather, hand-crafted in Le Marche’ Italy, the birthplace of modern shoe making, and i’m having a ton of fun in this new lane. The other thing I’ve been up to is my continuing education. I know I mentioned a few post back that I was studying for my MBA, but did I tell you that it had a focus in Social Media marketing? Now the way I open myself up to you here at The Lyfe alert, you KNOW that I was excited to finally get into a class that actually spoke about my focus of study right? Let’s just say that this semester is only a week in, and my mind is already blown..

mind Blown

I was so excited that I had to come talk to you guys about something I read in class. have you guys ever heard of Warby Parker? I know I hadn’t, but imagine this. you’re blind as a bat, tired of the way prescription glasses are handled due to limited options for purchase because how the system is setup, and so you (and some friends) decide that you’ll just launch your own company. See!! I told you, mind blown lol. Oh, but it gets better. not only do they decide to change the whole model of how prescription glasses are sold, they also setup a partnership that allowed 1 pair of glasses to be GIVEN to a person in need of glasses whenever a pair of their (Warby Parker) glasses were sold. They gave away 500,000 pair!!!!!! Wait, so social conscious too?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Now I know I may sound like a legit billboard for them right now, but bear with me. I’m just excited because in the world as it exist today, i didn’t know that companies still did that without media backlash, and when i found out i had to tell somebody right?


So here’s why i’m the most impressed though. There’s an expression that I learned when I was younger that says: ” A man without fear is a fool, but a man that learns to conquer his fear is a warrior” (Tweet this quote). These guys were warriors. Why? because they used social media to show people that there was a better way to get their needs met. They encouraged people to interact with their company via social media. Bought a new pair of frames? Tag us in the pic. Not sure if you could buy lenses without trying them on? No problem, here’s a few. Try them on. Keep what you want, send back what you don’t want, on us. It was genius. Can you imagine if they would’ve stuck to the same tired models of before? What would’ve been the point of entering the space right. how many people could they convince to try their company? Nope, they took the power of the internet and reached out to the world. They made their customers feel a part of the process in a way that was more personal. Think about the last time you bought something you loved, and put it on social media. How many likes did you get? how many shares? now imagine being a company trying to reach the world, and having people sing those praises to their friends, family, co-workers. Yeah, you get it. These guys took the power of social media marketing to new levels, and i get to learn all about it. You see why I was so excited?


This semester is already shaping up to be my favorite semester (so far), and I’m stoked about what I’m going to learn, and things that I’ll be able to apply for my own personal growth. I hope you guys stick with me through this journey because man… As always, keep pushing forward. Keep chasing your dreams, and no matter how bad a day you have, ask yourself: but did you die?… Don’t forget, I did, and I’m here to remind you to keep going. until next time #TheJetLyfe

Back to the future…

Roads? Where we’re going….


We’re always told that time heals all wounds, but thing of importance that’s never mentioned is that, time also takes….time. Some wounds take more time than others to heal, and some simply may never heal, because in the pain of our hearts, we just keep aggravating it, and picking at it. Healing may mean facing the reality that that relationship you thought would never end, is truly over. It may mean that the friend you never thought you would lose, just isn’t the friend you need. It could even mean that the traumas of your childhood could go unresolved, and for some people, all they are… is their pain.

So WordPress told me that it was my blogging 1 year anniversary, and that got me to thinking about the things that have changed in that time. When I started this blog, it was purely to tell, and show, you that there was more to lyfe than what you were letting yourself believe. I wanted you to know that no matter the situation, you CAN stand tall and overcome. Why? easy, because you didn’t die. Hell, I did, TWICE, and I’m still here to tell you you’ve got this lol. You may have moments where you’re at your lowest, but that’s just setting your trajectory for your rise. Even Atlas took a knee to lyft up the world, and YOU are even stronger. It’s ok if you feel as though, you’ve been knocked down. Roll over on your back. If you can look up, you can get up, but up is the only place left to go, Right?


Understand this, there IS greatness in you. You’ve got to act like it. So many people I speak to want change, but few of them want TO change. Is that you? Finances kicking your butt. You hate your boss. Your significant other just isn’t understanding you. You want to go back to school, but you don’t have time. Etc, etc, etc. Guess what, you don’t have time to continue with those things that are dragging you down. Your lyfe is moving past you faster than you realize, and before you know it….time’s up. Don’t be the person that says: What if it doesn’t work? Declare today that you’ll be the person that says: What if it does? If you do NOTHING, it won’t work…because YOU didn’t work. You’re got to realize that the graveyard is alive with ideas that people never took chances on *crickets* you’ll get that later lol.

Your future is up to YOU, and will be a product of your decisions. Not your momma’s decisions. Not your daddy’s decisions. Not the politician’s decisions. YOUR decisions. Decided TODAY that your tomorrow is more important than your fear of now. Decided today that you don’t want your children, and their children, to repeat the hardships of your today’s because you didn’t take care of your tomorrow…..and MOVE YOUR AZZ DAMNIT!!

You’re going to have to “Believe in something. even if it means you have to sacrifice everything”. Just do it….then you’ll look back in a few years and say: Great Scott, I can’t believe I did that!! … For those that will say: I’ve tried to chase my dream, but it didn’t work out… I’ve got one question for you….But did you die???? if at 1st you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again….


You’ve put your lyfe on hold for everything else, AND everyone else, and now it’s time to get BACK TO YOUR FUTURE. Stop saying you don’t know where to start, and just start. Stop saying I don’t know which road I should travel. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads……. you’re tomorrow is paved by imagination, and what you do today. Write that book or blog. Start that podcast. Film those makeup tutorials. Your future is now, so make the rest of your lyfe, the best of your lyfe….. See you guys soon…


Did you eat?

Get Your Weight Up…


There are days when the weight of the universe takes it’s toll on every fiber of my being. Days when giving up on everything and everyone seems like the easiest, and sometimes the only answer in the moment. There are days when people who call themselves “friend”, are so much less than that. Those people who ask me consistently how my business is doing / growing, only to go seek someone else’s service without ever considering me as an option. Those days when no ear can understand the words of pain, if they escaped my lips. No heart could feel the disappointment of not being able to right the wrongs of those closest to me. No hand that could lift me when I’m forced to take a knee, because lyfe reminds me that even Atlas, a God of legend, had to kneel in order to keep from being crushed by the weight of the world.

Those days can come often, or they can come few and far between. What they bring with them determines if I’ve just been hit by Iron Mike or Glass Joe. See most days, we all believe that we live like lil Mac. We train hard for the fight of lyfe. We make plans for the future, dream of the big houses, the nice cars, to give our children the things we didn’t have, and hopefully teach them the things we didn’t learn before becoming and adult, but as Iron Mike once said: Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.


It’s these days that I must remind myself that when I told everyone that I knew how I would be the “evidence”, it wasn’t just about being the evidence when things were going great, when I’m winning awards in an industry that most people call a scam because their fears won’t allow them to seek evidence, but also being the evidence when most people quit, and showing that it’s possible to have your worst days, and still be able to overcome. Sometimes you have to do it alone, and that makes quitting easier, but the joy is in doing the things they say can’t be done. When you feel silenced, reaching out to others can be hard. Letting others in can be harder, but I promise you this, doing that hard thing can make lyfe so much easier. Sometimes I have to ask myself,  Did you eat? I don’t mean food, but did you take in all that you can today? Did you adsorb ideas? Did you share a smile with someone? Are you full off of the positive atmosphere that you should create for others, because you never know who needs it, and what they may be going through. Did you check on your STRONG friends, because sometimes they need someone to help them carry the load. C’mon, ease on down, ease on down the road…..


My point is how can I complain about what’s on my plate, when it was my goal to eat. It was my goal to show what I believe a good father can be, although I do fall short. It’s my goal to show those behind me that you can survive the inner city blues. It’s my goal to show the non-believers that the 9-5 lyfe should NEVER be the only way that you exist in this world, and that you can actually get out and live. I learned to become ok with those moments that forced me to take a knee, because just like in the gym when you’re trying to build muscle, you have to get your weight up. Even on my worse days, I smile, and I work to be stronger than I’ve ever been. For me, being a light for someone else in their darkness, brings light to mine. If you’re reading this, just know, you’ve survived 100% of the things you thought you couldn’t, and that means you’ve been given another chance to do great things. If you think today, or yesterday was bad, I’ve got the same question I ask you every time, but did you die?!? See you soon #TheJetLyfe


Lean On Me…

I Am The Greatest…

No matter how your 1st quarter of the year ended, how did you start the 2nd quarter? Ask yourself this very simple question: If tomorrow doesn’t happen, would you still do what you’re about to do today? If that answer is NO, you’re alive but you’re not living…and you know I come here for one reason, and one reason only, to talk about living LYFE.

My last post, I told you how my 1st quarter went. Lost my girl. Lost ALL my income streams, and lost a lot of sleep. Actually, I’m not sure I mentioned that last one. My bad lol. You know what I didn’t lose? My faith, and hope. I focused on two of the most powerful words in the English language to guide me through…. I AM. You see, with those two words, everything you place behind it becomes your truth. I AM….blessed and highly favored….. I AM … going to rebuild in record time….. I AM…. 1/2 man, 1/2 amazing. My ability to seek the opportunity within the adversity has me feeling like the greatest.


The Greatest

The game (of Lyfe) is from over though, and no matter how many times you get knocked down, all that matters is that you get back up. So let me ask you, how do you speak to yourself when times get tough? What words do you put after “I Am”? Are you taking yourself out of the game before half time? See, If you understand the power of your words when you speak to YOURSELF, then you understand that you’ve got to be your biggest cheerleader, and if you’re a believer in God, then you already know that you’re playing for the Greatest Coach of All Time, and he’s been coaching this game longer than you’ve been playing it. Understand, if you weren’t ready to play, he never would’ve put you in the game.

You’re here to win. It’s You vs. the clock. Yes, The clock, because all games come to an end, The clock on Lyfe is ticking, so you’ve got to give you best effort with every move you make. Some people get taken out of the game early, but you, you’re still here. No more telling yourself that you can’t do it, and that it won’t work. I’m imploring you to be your own “Joe Clark”. When you feel you’re closing it all in because things aren’t going the way you want to, look yourself in the eye and yell: Code 10! Code 10! This is *Insert your name* !! Get those chains off my heart / outta my head, the enemy’s here!!


People always want to talk about Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tom Brady etc, etc as being the “Greatest of All Time”, but what about you? What about you being the greatest YOU of all time? There can only be one you, no matter how many may share your name. It’s time to step up, and step into your greatness. It’s time to turn up in quarter two. Your coach has given you the play, and it’s time for you to start the execution. Yea yea, this is the part where you tell me easier said then done. How about you go out and try. Really try, then come back and tell me……… Did you die?

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